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wrought iron bars with pattern

Balconies have two real purposes. The first is security since balconies keep you and your family members secure from the risk of falling. The second is to look so good you will simply want to spend all your time outside. Our balconies do both of those and do them so well that you will be the envy of your neighbors.  Give us a call and ask about what style of balcony and what type of metal will best suit your property and your budget.

Juliet Balcony

A juliet balcony is a metal fitting to the outside of a window that projects often less than a foot out from the facade. Named after the famous Shakespeare scene they don’t provide enough room for outdoor furniture but they do add a touch of class to any building. Importantly they also take up very little space and in our city space comes at a price. They can also allow a window to be converted to a glass door and open onto them so that you can take in the view or get a breath of air.  We create beautiful and very strong Juliet balconies from steel to suit any building and be securely bonded into the structure of the building's facade. We custom design Juliet balconies for you and tailor them to the exact style of the architecture so they blend in while adding that extra character.

Iron Balustrades

Sometimes only the original will do and we can create perfect iron balustrades for that perfect classic look that suits stone buildings so well. For the true classic only iron will do and at Iron Works we are the best when it comes to installing iron balustrade work that looks great and lasts forever.

Aluminum Balconies

Aluminum balconies have the strength to support weight combined with the lightness that makes it possible to bolt them on to a building facade. We can show you beautiful bolt on balcony designs that will add quality to your life and value to your home. Aluminum balconies don’t rot or weather and can easily incorporate other elements like glass panels to match the building’s style.

Repair and Replacement

If you’re looking at an existing balcony and wondering about repair or total replacement we can help. We can either replace on a like for like basis where a balcony has degraded over time, or we can suggest alternative materials for an identical looking balcony that will hold out better against the elements. So where wood or vinyl pickets have given way we would recommend looking at an alternative such as aluminum that can do the same job but with a better strength to weight ratio and greater resistance to weather. Or maybe you don’t feel the balcony you have truly fits with the style of your property or the style you would like it to have as you remodel. We can craft beautiful balconies to match your requirements and your budget. Call us now and let’s get your balcony built.

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