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a metal spiral staircase

Metal stairs are stunning and built to last. Whether you opt for a fully tailored custom made staircase or choose from one of our ready made designs we promise you a stairway to heaven (sorry ‘bout that). While modernist homes will benefit from polished steel, and traditional buildings look just fantastic with wrought iron, there are hundreds of different styles including powder coatings that mean you can have any color and any style you want from your metal staircase.

Straight Stairs

There are a number of designs of straight stairs including L shaped, U shaped, and winders, all of which can be crafted in steel or iron for a really eye-catching, incredibly strong staircase with elegant balusters, newel posts, and handrails in the metal of your choice. In some cases our customers want the stair risers themselves to be metal, even iron for a truly spectacular look. You don’t necessarily have to replicate the form of the existing staircase as our metal stairs can take turns and use space more efficiently to give you back precious floor space in your apartment or add grandeur to bigger rooms.

Spiral Stairs

A design classic and one of the perfect showpieces of the metalworker’s art, a spiral staircase is at once functional, very economical with space, and spectacularly beautiful. You will never get tired of admiring its curves whether you are negotiating its curves or simply admiring it from below. We can craft spiral staircases from high grade steel that will perform as beautifully as they look for many lifetimes of going up in the world. Talk to us today about our creative designs for decorative spiral stairs that save space and look out of this world.

Cut Metal Treads and Risers

Using both old fashioned blacksmith skills and the latest technology with computer aided design and high definition plasma cutting tables we can cut almost any design into the sheet metal that makes the treads or risers of your stairs. Which means that any almost design you desire can figure in the most visible part of the stairs as you and your guests walk up them. So talk to us about both the beauty and strength of solid metal treads and risers as well as the ability to customise them to your exact specifications.

Floating Stairs

Floating stairs, also called cantilever stairs, don’t have the heavy vertical supports as uprights between steps and so they appear to float in air which provides a real wow factor in homes looking to create something special. There are many different designs of floating stairs with different degrees of lack of support but often the secret is judiciously placed iron or steelwork and that’s where we come in. If you’re interested in floating stairs with custom metalwork then we are the people you want to be talking to. We’ve worked with some of the finest architects in the state to create jaw droppingly beautiful floating stairs for homes and offices alike. So go on, give us a call.

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