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Iron Work Brooklyn Pros

Iron Works Brooklyn

construction and repair work on the street

Welcome to Iron Work Brooklyn Pros where the time honored traditions of the blacksmith meet the most state of the art computer aided design to produce simply the most beautiful metal work you’re going to find in Brooklyn (or anywhere else for that matter).. From staircases to window guards, balconies, and fencing we can design and make it all to give your property that finishing touch it deserves.

About Us

Why compromise between structural strength and raw good looks? When you have an iron works staffed with the highest quality metal professionals in the business everything you produce can be a work of art that delivers solid as steel performance. We believe we are keeping alive the traditions of traditional blacksmithing while enhancing it with bang up to date modern understanding of materials and the computer aided design that means we can make exactly what you want, the way you want it. Quality, artistry, and old fashioned craftsmanship all rolled into one.

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    Our Services

    We are the finest metalworking craftsmen in the whole of the New York Metropolitan area and we are more than happy to show you the proof of that in the form of our work. We have thousands of satisfied customers because as genuine craftsmen we don’t just sell metal balconies, window protectors, or staircases; we craft them. That means we can tailor the designs and cut or shape our metal to achieve a perfect fit - something that you don’t get with off the shelf stuff from the hardware store. That perfection doesn’t necessarily cost as much as you think either, so get in touch and see what happens when we combine your dreams with our skills.

    an aluminum metal railings

    Railings have to perform their primary job as safety devices offering a solid handhold where one is needed and a guard to stop people falling, but while form should always follow function, that form can be a beautiful one with our range of tailored railings. Whether steel, aluminum, wrought iron, natural metal or powder coated colors we craft perfect railings for any style of property.

    industrial worker in protective uniform
    Metal Deck

    The strength to weight ratio of metal means that our sheeting metal decks provide stable roofing and flooring platforms that bond perfectly with concrete bases and result in tough and long lasting decks. The speed of installation makes the process more affordable and means less disruption for family or other occupants and we offer a number of ways of sealing the seams depending on the particular requirements for strength, looks, and waterproofing of each deck area.

    “We’d always had this idea that a spiral staircase was the perfect answer for our apartment both in terms of making the most of the space and adding a real touch of class. The pros from Iron Work Brooklyn showed us some designs and got to work and the result draws gasps from everyone that visits. Really, really happy with the quality and professionalism. - Bernie T.

    A worker welds metal for a fence

    A metal fence is a by word for security but with our crafted metal work it can also be a work of art. From chain link fences in original zinc or colored effects we can combine the practicality of chain fence for large areas with great looks. We create picket fences and custom gates in aluminum, steel, and wrought iron to match the style of your property or the creative possibilities of your dreams. Ask us about large fencing areas, difficult sloping terrain, security fencing, or ornate gatework - we do it all.

    balcony on the facade

    From Juliet balconies to bolt on balconies and full scale ironwork and fire escape platforms we can create or install any kind of balcony ensuring that it is securely fixed into the building facade. Balconies can be a way of establishing or enhancing an architectural statement as much as a way of offering residents a spot to get outdoors - either way our work provides the breath of fresh air you are looking for. Ask to see our extensive catalog of balcony styles.

    Iron Work Brooklyn was recommended to us when it was time to get window guards installed at one of the buildings we manage. They were super fast, very professional and understood exactly what we needed done. They finished the work in record time. We would definitely use them again.” - Sandra D.

    metal staircase on a modern building

    The perfect blend of form and function, our staircases come in every style you can think of. From floating cantilevered stairs to straight stairs, with metal balustrades, steps, or risers. We can help you save space with our L shaped and U shaped designs to make the most of your architecture and of course we make the most beautiful spiral staircases.

    a nice looking window
    Window Guards

    Window guards are compulsory in New York State to protect smaller children from falling out, but their style is down to you. We can match window guards to existing styles or create new ones to add flair and accent to your property. We also create burglar bars and security frames, opening or permanently fixed. We can offer the best of both worlds with hinged metal window guards that allow you to open them up when you want access but can be locked into position when you want to lock down. Whatever it is you are looking for we can make it and install it.

    “We’re architects and Iron Work Brooklyn are our go to team when it comes to all interior and exterior metalwork, including custom wrought iron.  Their work is exemplary, the quality of the finishing is reliably excellent and they’ve never let us down with clients by over promising or under delivering. They say they're the best in the metropolitan area and from our experience we would agree.” - Hugh L.

    Call Us Today

    Iron Work Brooklyn Pros are the best blacksmiths and metal workers in the New York Metropolitan area so if you’re looking for quality metal work then look no further. We stock a full range of pre-made and tailored elements and can craft anything from spiral staircases to iron bar work.  So no matter what your requirements get in touch with us and let’s talk.