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Window Guards

a wrought iron fence

When people say window guards they are often confusing a number of different things, each of which has its purpose and all of which can be created by our craftsmen. The first kind of window guard is not to stop intruders from trying to get into the home, but instead to stop small children from falling out. Window guards for this purpose are required in most residential buildings in NYC and are a must for households with children younger than ten. We know the state requirements for window guards and can install any of our range of steel or aluminum guards on any window, moving the AC unit if necessary to do so. The importance of window guards to stop children falling has only become more pressing with the pandemic and installing window guards has been designated as an essential service so there’s no reason to delay when it comes to installing them. Call us today to find out more.

Security Bars

Nothing secures a window like professionally installed burglar bars.  We make, sell, and install bars that are solid enough in themselves and so firmly fixed that they will insure no intruder can get through. Having bars however doesn’t have to mean that your property feels like a prison. There is a huge choice of decorative designs for security bars that manage to be tough but attractive at the same time so talk to us about your security needs and the design style of your building and we will surprise you with the choice of different looks.

Hinged Window Guards

Hinged window guards are like shutters that open up when you want them to be open but which close to provide full iron bar security when you’d rather lock up safe and tight. There is a breath-takingly beautiful range of styles and designs to choose from or you can come to us with your own custom ideas and our skilled craftsmen can tailor it for you.

Belly Bow Guards

Some guards are more ornamental than others and belly bow guards for example can serve to add the finishing touch to a window frame as well as providing an elegant space for your pot plants. There are many different designs we can conjure up for you, no matter how large or small the window frame.

Wrought Iron Window Guards

There are any number of metal types we work with and each has its own combination of good looks and strength so we do work in bronze, aluminum, and steel for our customers’ window guards. There’s always something special, however, about the wrought iron creations, particularly the made to measure work, that looks classically beautiful, impressively sold, and timelessly elegant. No matter what look you want for your window guards, or what purpose or combination of purposes your guards are going to serve, we have the metalwork that’s fit for purpose, great to look at, and tailored not just for your window spaces but also for your individual budget.

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