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Metal Deck

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Metal deck for floors or roofing is a tough, cost-effective way of covering large surfaces with metal sheeting that boasts a high strength to weight ratio and can either form roofs along with beam support or be laid onto concrete as a flooring. You may have heard it called metal deck, or steel deck, and sometimes the phrases Q decking or Pan decking are used. Both these last two are actually outdated terms; they were brands of metal decking that were introduced decades ago and are no longer available but out of habit some people still use those terms to mean modern metal deck. Whatever you want to call it metal deck is an amazing solution to external flooring and roofing needs.

Roof Deck

You’ll have seen plenty of roofs covered with metal deck because it’s tough, weather resistant, and very cost effective not least because installation times are minimal - at least they are when done by our skilled roofing experts. That in turn reduces cost because labor hours are kept to a minimum and it reduces disruption to any residents or customers.

Floor Deck

You won’t notice much metal floor decking simply because unlike roofing it is hidden from site. Floor decking with metal deck is a way of creating a brilliantly strong composite floor since the metal deck flooring is usually combined with insulating barriers and it bonds with the concrete itself.

Interlocking Sidelap

There are different ways for the metal sheets to join together and you don’t have to worry about learning them all since we are on hand to explain why we think one join style will work better for you than another. Interlocking sidelap is the commonest and is available for both roof and floor decks. It comes with male and female legs that have an overlapping lip that hooks up to the next sheet. That can be standard or what’s called a stitch screw which is a slightly different shape.  The sheets are then joined either by a compressed air pneumatic button punch, or top seam welding which is tricker and more specialist than a button punch, but results in stronger seams. Increasingly a third approach, using a punchlok tool has gained in popularity since it does a good job of combining the ease of button punch with the strength of seam welds. We’ll be happy to recommend an approach and explain our choice for you.


Nestable sidelap is a popular alternative to standard interlocking sidelap in which all sheets nest on top of their neighbor and those joints are then secured with self drilling screws. Nestable is often the joint of choice where strength is an issue for the deck and where the joints have to keep out water.  Our experts will study your property project and explain what is the best system for your needs on any given roof or floor surface. You can count on us to deliver perfect metal deck for your property. Speak to us today.

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