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About Our Team

man fixing a deck

Iron Work Brookly are the pros for all your metalwork needs around the property you own or manage if you are in Brooklyn or indeed anywhere in the New York Metropolitan area. That’s because we bring together all the traditional skills of blacksmithing but add to that the latest in modern computer aided design and cutting techniques. The result is a jaw-dropping range of styles and pieces that we can create or customise but always with our legendary respect for precision and quality. We know that our work will last many lifetimes so we always ensure that it is worthy of that. Our installations, including balconies, staircases, and window guards are done to the highest standards for both looks and security so that even the simplest burglar bars will look good and stand up to any attempt at incursion from unwanted visitors.  Over the years that combination of great looking ironwork, imaginative design, and workmanlike professionalism has not only sealed our reputation but given us quite a following amongst local architects and building managers.  We are happy to share some of our recommendations from previous customers if you want to have an idea of both the work that we do and the reception it gets from our clients. No matter what the scale of your project, or the ambition of your creativity, we can match it and shape that metal to fit your needs. So get in touch and let’s talk so we can match our skills to your demands.

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