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Railings have always had an important function as a safety aid ensuring that people don’t slip on stairs or tumble into stairwells but from day one they have also been recognised as an important decorative element in their own right. Railings are a fantastic way of giving a home a theme, or a note of distinction that immediately strikes visitors the moment they enter your property. Which makes it all the more important to be aware of the range of classy railing styles we can create for you that set a theme for your home and strike a note with all visitors. Talk to us today about the kind of railings you’re thinking of and let us suggest some of the styles and solutions that we can offer you.

Why Wrought Iron?

Wrought iron railings possess timeless charm, a look that spells out solid dependability, and a near infinite range of styles when wrought and shaped by our craftsmen. They look great, they have proven stopping power if impact is an issue for your home, they put off unwanted intruders and welcome guests in style. Wrought iron railings are typically delivered oversized and then cut to exact sizing in situ which means our iron working craftsmen will tailor your railings to the perfect dimensions for your property.


Wrought iron railings come in two types - solid and hollow and while the hollow version offers a little more flexibility and a little less weight both types are renowned for their toughness and durability. Our wrought iron has a high carbon content which makes it extremely tough and the process of making wrought iron, in which the iron is heated to extreme temperatures to be shaped and stretched results in an incredibly tough final product that will bend and not break if subjected to extreme force. Which means it can hold out a car crash. Your iron railings will literally last you a lifetime.


Iron balusters are a classic look no matter what style you opt for but there are certain looks that they can create that are truly unique. That classic wrought iron look is perfect for any property aiming for a gothic or victorian look and no other material comes close. While the mention of iron railings sets most people thinking of classic black painted iron we can give our railings one of any number of final treatments including nickel, stain, antique bronze, or ash grey colors to suit your tastes and the look of the property. Let us sit down with you and walk you through a catalog of our designs; you’ll be amazed at the range of what we can do.

Decorative Elements

As ironwork experts we can offer you all kinds of decorative elements to make those railings stand out. That includes floral elements, scrolls between balusters, and baskets which are those hollow shapes within balusters that add elegance and distinction to any railings. Talk to us today about a tailored railing style for your home or commercial property.

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